Joining the DAPA Team

Hard work is important, required and rewarded at DAPA Services Inc. We are committed to providing our customers with the best service possible, and that means we hire the best employees. At DAPA we know this is hard work so we take the time to invest in you, offering training programs and competitive wages in the business.


 Employee Benefits

Competitive Pay Scale
At DAPA, employees start at a competitive wage and raises are given based on performance.

Hours That Fit Your Lifestyle
DAPA offers flexible hours and shifts that meet your needs.

• Looking for day work so you can be with your kids?
• Want to pick up a second flexible job?
• Going to school during the day?
• Want to earn some extra cash?

Training Programs
DAPA believes in investing in its most important assets: its employees. We offer training programs to employees to help them learn new skills related to the industry, with the opportunity to move up in the company. Many of our managers and team leaders started the exact same way, by filling out an application. At DAPA, we’re interested in your desire to learn and your commitment to hard work.

Referral Hiring Program
An active employee who refers a new employee that stays employed for 6 months will receive an incentive gift card.


I’ve been working for 13 to 14 years for DAPA, and what I like about this company is that they have flexible schedules (and not all companies have that). Finally, what I can say is that a company that gives us all the tools, so we are able to do an excellent job. Everything that one asks, the company provides. And I want to say thank you very much to DAPA.
— Oralia G, DAPA Employee