About Us

DAPA Services Inc. is an industry-leading provider specializing in full-service janitorial care and customized cleaning solutions for HOAs, condominium communities, multi-family building communities, new developments, final construction cleaning, owners and their managers who want reliable, competent, cost-efficient and stress-free cleaning services.


The company was founded as DAPA Janitorial Services in 1977. As the business grew and industry changed, the company rebranded to DAPA Services, Inc. — offering a wide range of other services beyond just janitorial care.

By 1997, DAPA has been recognized as the leader of janitorial services in Greater San Diego. The company’s success and expansion are attributed to strong client relationships built, reliable workforces fostered, and honesty & fairness instilled within the company’s core business values.

Recently, Luke Mahoney joined DAPA and aspires to take the company to even greater heights. With 18 years in the janitorial and maintenance industry, Luke’s experience and ambition are a recipe for success. Attributing most of his personal commitment, well-earned reputation and industry know-how, Luke felt that DAPA is the right place to continue excelling in today’s competitive market.


DAPA Services is professional, reliable and thorough. Our company not only works with them at several homeowners associations, where DAPA provides the janitorial services for HOA clubhouses and other common areas, but we also use DAPA for our own office cleaning. Our experience is that all staff members are courteous, friendly and attentive. Their office staff provides clear and concise communication on all projects and their cleaning staff consistently exemplify professional quality and excellent service.
— Kristin B, Community Manager

Our Team

In our company you’ll see a constant theme: we believe in the power of hard work.


Jerry Astrove


Luke Mahoney

Vice President


Vinny K.
Division Manager

Adan C.
Division Manager

Mariza R.
Office Manager / Human Resources

Luisa C.
Customer Service & Accounting

John H.
Customer Service


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